Friday, September 16, 2005

The wife is going in for surgery tomorrow, everything is going to be harder. Crutches, no stairs, weeks of rehab. I’m worried about myself, of course – cooking, cleaning, watching the kid – all this will be hard work. This is my last chance for a good drunk, but it will have to be on the 2:05, if I’m on the 3:00, she’ll have to take the boy to swim class. I could meet them at the pool, but that would be a hassle.
I need to get a job so I can get back to writing, I haven’t been able to do it at home. I have been running, although, that will be tough with the wife on the injured reserve.
Last night I drank most of a bottle of wine. I did the same on Sunday. Other than a beer one night that is all the alcohol I’ve had since we got back from our trip. Not bad. After today, I’ll have to start another streak, and somehow find time to get on the drreadmill, oh, and get a job.
We can see Mt. Baker clearly, but just the outline of Rainier – what a day. Just one more beer.
I don’t have a penny in my pocket. I have assets, I have a cash reserve, we, we have a cash reserve, and some income. Some income.
I bet the Olympics are visible, too, but I’m not looking that way, must obey the number one rule as the beer pourer told me, stay in the galley. Can’t look back.
Two months. What have I done in two months? I went to a wedding. Christmas and a wedding and now a few interviews. A few interviews and some income.
Unemployment. Money spent. Mortgage, not rent, building equity. 2003-2007, almost four years now, just 26 more to go. I’ll be 65. Then what? Retire? From what?
Dee Lefevre owns a horse. Not sure why I thought of that. I wonder how many beers I can drink without peeing. I’m going to have to hurry to the restaurant to avoid excessive lateness, and I’m going to have to hurry to finish this beer. No cash at lunch – OK, no cash at ferry, not. Dash to ATM when? Before or after? A reflexion of shadows and the shimmering Sound, a moment of beauty in imagery found (IMAGERY FOUND) in morning drinking Seattle bound, prepare to deboard, two beers downed, continue consumption your belly round, a fitness elusive yet worries drowned. For now. How?
Mind altering, moods faltering, drugging and debugging, a stabilizing pill, force of will or beer to swill, my time to kill, dead, instead, I end this fun, to the plank, this scrawl now done.

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