Sunday, September 11, 2005

9/21/7 AM in the Seattle ferry terminal

Delaying tactics. I don’t feel ready to make the walk to work.
Reading Howard Zinn. Labor. Thoughts of men, mankind, behaving like children, taking all they can without concern. I’m the same way. If I could somehow have $100k and not have to deal with anyone, I wouldn’t care if that money came from oppressing the masses. I don’t particularly like the masses. Never liked mass that much either, but that’s another story. The question is, where do the masses touch the lives of others? I dislike the stench of urine, being approached for change, beggars filthy and encroaching – this bothers me. I would like it to go away. It’s a small thing in my life because I walk through the city to work. People who drive rarely if ever have to see it. People in suburbia going to office parks, living in gated communities, never have to see it.
Somewhere back there I had an idea. The world – the earth – is making it so we can’t be so selfish. We must all start caring for each other or we will all perish. Eventually, we will be forced to pay attention to poverty and the environment. Either the poor or the rich will kill us, ah the lament of the white middle class male.

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