Sunday, September 11, 2005

7/27/7 PM
It is possible that I have had too much to drink. The world is beautiful. I hate it. No, I hate the people in it, myself included. It’s unanimous – I’m drunk DRUNK. Hales Cream Hales Cream the rest of Mike’s Artois – STELLA! – Corona – STELLA, PBR – ESB – DON’T COUNT – You are drunk, but there are five beers at home and it is only 5:23 in the PM.
I – me – you – they – us – we – them – FUCK. I have to go to another alcohol awareness class tomorrow. Haven’t been to one since I was 18. Now I’m 43 days (or so) from my 40th b-day. FUCK.
People suck. I am people. FUCK.

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