Sunday, September 11, 2005

I’m up early again. Friday morning. I need new pants. Sausage, egg and cheese will haunt my belly, imprinting soft flesh like molded jelly. I may stop drinking for awhile but hopefully not tonight.
Not tonight.

Got up cuz I couldn’t sleep did dishes drinking coffee going through my valise (valise?) notebook holder.
Yesterday I saw an otter in the water
Or was it two?
A mother and a daughter
From the ferry viewed a few
Nature lovers who
With nothing else to do
Stood gawking in the rain
The sleek aquatic dance
Did surely entertain
Given half a chance
I’d join them
Wet behind the ears
I’d cast aside my fears
Rolling back the years
I’d frollick in the water
Me, otter, and her daughter
Instead I walked to work
No duties did I shirk
Soaked to the bone
My raincoat left at home
I really should have known
Terrestrially I roam.

Little Leaf Linden
Before Benaroya Hall
Planted in concrete
Living on what?
The music
The bent old woman
Limping and leaning
On a rolling rocker
A pathetic walker
She presses forward
The tree presses upward
I continue my walk to work
Little Leaf Linden before Benaroya Hall
Your struggle to survive is the struggle of us all.

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