Friday, September 16, 2005

Just to put something down. 17 more days before vacation. I had a dream with my friend in it last night. We were engaged in some sort of an assault on a weird mountain military installation, sneaking past guards and contacting someone on the inside. He wanted me to put on some strange orange foam headgear. Then we escaped and went to a party, but he went in first and I was wandering around backyards. There were lots of people I knew from high school and college.
So I mentioned this in the Big Black Book and a chronicle of mood stabilization might end up in multiple locations and need consolidation later, but here you go. Friday I met with the psychiatrist, last day of 100 mg Lamictal. Saturday filled the prescription, but didn’t take it until 4:00 then went out with some friends, had four glasses of wine and felt great. Sunday morning felt slightly hungover but worked through it, actually went for a run. Today is Monday and I’m not looking forward to work, but that is to be expected. And, hey I’m scribbling again which says something in itself. Meeting today about the company’s morale, had some ideas, like morale sucks because they know they’re going to get sold down the river.

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