Sunday, September 11, 2005

We Start Over Every Day. I wake up and grab a pen, drag myself out of bed, these words running through my head. Not necessarily in that order. We start over every day (we?). First person plural, why can’t I have an epidural? We start over every day sounds like a self help book, a new chance, fresh, clean slate, aren’t we lucky. Maybe, we HAVE to start over every day would better capture my mood. My How Not To book. “How to” books sell, they say, go to hell, not my way. Write a how to book on how to be a stay at home dad. Write a how to book about surviving Catholic school or living bipolar or doing PR. No. I can only write a How Not To. How not to have a career, how not to win friends and influence people, how not to reach your full potential.

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