Sunday, September 11, 2005

10/3/6 AM
This Reformation book is hard work, especially when people are talking on the bus. There was a reference to Covenants as they related to migration, I mean making the trip to America. Puritans, Quakers, etc… That’s something to look forward to, but it’s a long 400 pages to get there.
How it relates to my thing. The religion of the land, I’d have to look it up, latin. That is what people fled, the stultification of thought through righteousness, imposing civil laws based on religious laws. There is a relation, but there should be a separation. So, the Puritans journey through the Wilderness, their Israelite moment represents a freedom from Moses/England, Mormons and anyone else, be they Buddhist, Muslim, Sikh, New Ager, whatever, could be said to be seeking asylum in the west. Jesusland has its fingers in many locales, but the heart of it is in the southeast and if they have an iron grip on the three branches of government what are free-thinkers supposed to do? It’s one thing when they go after reproductive rights, it’s one thing when they see the land as a resource to be used up, but when they take taxes and use thme on some wild crusade and bring fear and cultural repression then it’s a short trip to ‘enough-is-enough’. It may be tough to make the comparison, there are so many different groups, but it is the quest for diversity, the belief that diversity is the answer that really unites the groups. The Pacific States?
Politicians are being held to one standard first, are they good Christians. The Democrats pander to the religious because they know they can’t win federal power without the Southern bloc. Well, why bother? Sure, they may actually be devout Christians, but whose business is that, and what of the smart, dedicated, talented people who happen to not be Christian? Are we to deny this country the benefit of their strengths simply because they worship a different way? As long as there is a fundamental natural law that guarantees the greatest good for the greatest number, that is adaptable and legislate-able (?) and which doesn’t impose restrictions based on another’s particular belief system, then you have the foundation for a workable government. What’s happening now is the obstruction of progress, it’s an unnatural attempt to freeze thought, based on fear and, in some cases, a fatalism reminiscent of numerous past End Days superstition (1500-2000 – very similar). Only now it’s global.
Seattle-Las Piedras
Must flesh out Vancouver (the man?, a traveler, an egomaniac, manic/depressive, wildness and control, how Europeans got to the Northwest. What happens to them here, what do they become, who really assimilates?) Utah, Idaho. The California story – coming to Billy online and through Jake. The WTC story – coming through Franklin. Mexico, San Diego, military, Galt, - Galt and Franklin, maybe Jake talks of a meeting of the minds, some sort of early Half-Continental Congress.
I should print what I’ve got.

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