Sunday, September 11, 2005

10/5/6 PM
Another day. My wife called when I was at the Pioneer Square Saloon. Not happy. Two beers today and a few (8?) smokes, plus a 3.75 mile run at the gym. I need to finish the pack tomorrow, then I’ll be done for the week and it’s just a matter of how I do Monday morning. Weights on Saturday. Run on Sunday, a long one (8?). Monday maybe weights at the gym, and then a Tuesday speed run. It would be nice to do that without having a cigarette since Friday.
I need to figure out when I’m going to do some road running. My hip really hurt today, still kind of does though I popped four ibuprofrin.
I think these new owners are going to be good for the company. I may have to work a bit harder.
The Dodgers are playing right now. Home by 6:30, I will have missed about an hour. They need this or they’ll be down 2-0 after last night’s (day’s) fiasco. Let’s hope Kuo baffles them.
Story. Boss. Gone. I’ve got a lot to do.

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