Friday, September 16, 2005

10/12/6 AM
I’m having a hard time gathering my thoughts and this pen ain’t helpin’. Feeling stressed, although, I haven’t done much to assuage it. Lots of lingering work stuff, all the PR and DM and new boss stuff.
Big yellow schoolbus driving through the trees
Paints a pretty picture, an image sure to please
Why then does my mind
Tend to corruption and unease
The children on board will ultimately find
A life of stress and disease
Or is that just me?
This sensitivity
My proclivity
To moulder and malign
Is that my inherent nature
Part of some grand design
My mood is such I scorn your
Your peace and contentment are
From my resentment, our
Outlooks clash
Pure skin to rash
A child’s laughter aboard a bus
Means different things to each of us
You see hope and possibilities
I see a life of strife, trivialities
Man, what a bummer
I wish it was summer
It’s growing cold
I’m no longer bold
I want to hide
This angst to subside
I’m feeling fried
I’ve never wanted to do this again
Return to childhood and try once more
Doing penance for some unseen sin
With no guarantee what I’d find in store
Was any better
What I would like, though
Trying to finish this letter
(for the ferry docks, I must go)
Is to crack that smile
To feel that joy
And just for awhile
Be that boy
Care free
On a bus
A simpler me
Not one of us
Going to work because we must
Pay for those being bussed.

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