Friday, September 16, 2005

March 5, 2007

Coming back from another interview. Thought it went well but who the hell knows. I am beginning to think I’m on the verge of a manic phase, although I could just be excited about going to LA on Thursday.
Either way I feel pretty good, 2 and 1/9 beers notwithstanding. Not quite sure what that means.
Crazy people talk out loud to no one
Achievers, movers-shakers
The important
Or at least self so
Talk that way, too
Except they wear earpieces
Bits and peace is
When conversation ceases
And a blackberry appears
Work and worry email-borne fears
World wide webs
Information threads
Thoughts sped
On the way to bed
Fretting and betting
Children’s futures ahead
Street cred
Or a heart that’s been bled
I long for peace
A balm in the calm
The crack or the crease
The phrase or the psalm
That sends me security
Without life’s impurity
The rigamarole
Out on parole
Soon to be deployed
To play another role
Time and soul
They stole
All part of the deal
Deftly discern
What’s false and what’s real
The power to earn
It’s the same old schpiel
Walking to winter
The job is a splinter
I’ll pick and prod
A lumbering clod
Talk and balk
At nothing they say
As long as they pay
Until they say
Go away,

Madness is relative.

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