Friday, September 16, 2005

Outline for the rest of Part II

The World Trade Center (WTC) Guy. A rich man who survived 9/11, disappears himself because he was trapped in a loveless marriage and figured now was the perfect opportunity to remake himself. His wife would get the insurance money and he could pursue his interests which ran contrary to the life he had been living. He never wanted to be a bond trader, he never wanted to manage bond traders, he was baffled at how he had managed to accumulate wealth. He had long been cheating on his wife and socking away large amounts of money in the Caymans. He figured he could live on that. It took a fair bit of desperation and not a small bit of confusion in the aftermath, but it was done. He checked into a hotel, paid in cash, watched the scene unfold on TV and thought it all through. He would go to a Kinko’s, contact his bank and have them wire cash to Western Union. He’d head west by train, cross into Mexico and relax on a beach in anonymity. At some point, perhaps after the 2004 elections he grows tired of the state of his former country and decides that he will do something from Mexico to change things. He eventually connects with Jake.

This scene in the Boar’s Head ends when an old friend of Billy’s recognizes him. Against the wishes of Murray, Billy heads back to his friend’s place. He spends the night on his couch, but not before they engage in a political discussion. His friend is a republican and he argues the invade Iraq case, they attacked us first, we must defend ourselves over there before they strike here.

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