Sunday, September 11, 2005

8/30/7 AM
Thursday heading to work after an off-site yesterday. I’m terribly disinterested with work (have I mentioned that) and need to find a way to scramble through this into some other job, either the one my friend was talking about or whatever. As far as whatevers go, though, this one has been pretty kush.
I need to get to my birthday, then September 13th, 12th really.
Today and tomorrow might be hard, but it is the end of a week heading into a holiday. I wonder if I could get away with taking Friday off. Monday is Labor Day. Then we have T-4, W-5, etc…anyway, we are looking at 4-5-6 as real days of work (as opposed to the imaginary ones), and then it’s big-time booze-up.
What a stupid scam this all is. I hate working.

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