Sunday, September 11, 2005

9/27/06 (NOTE WE’RE BACK TO 2006)

HA HA! A brand new notebook and I have nothing to say! My pen paused after that “and” as I thought what I’d christen these pages with. AHA! A sentence ending in a preposition! I’m so excited! I have dec (dec?) I have decided to be excited! And use exclamation points!
I’m actually terribly hungover and am on the ferry having a second hair of the dog dreading going home because I reek of smoke and beer and the wife is already unhappy because I rolled in after 1:00 am last night. I have to clean up my act.
It’s a beautiful day, I have nothing to say, I’ve drifted into bad habits and would like to be locked away. Fuck like rabbits, Invent the Abbots, golf with the Cabots. What the hell, a mess of crap, a messy page, a fucked up sage. Blah blah blah. Dodgers need a win, need a Padres loss, need a Phillies loss and they were losing! 2-1 in the early innings. Go home. Watch TV.
Hope my wife’s not mad at me.

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