Sunday, September 11, 2005

Who writes about not writing?
Why chronicle the sublime?
Life is beautiful?
So what?
It’s hideous, too
What good are the words?
Fancy jibberish, sometimes pretty
A well-turned phrase
People are killing people
Every day
We pay for it
Doing things we don’t like doing
For which we get paid and taxed
And they take that money
And they pay other people
To kill people
Far away from here
Write a poem about that.

There are so many ideas rattling around this morning I don’t know where they all fit. I had an idea, a thought, I thought it would be funny to throw away all my clothes. I have had this thought before and then I thought what – where could I fit a character who threw away all his clothes except for his tuxedo and then went around wearing nothing but that for the rest of his days (or a long time).
I thought about my Mormon section in the secession story - religious tolerance, yes, but the Mormon in question is not really Mormon, he has a conversation(s) with the main character about this, how his faith is different than church tenets, many of which he feels are complete hooey. Talk about the social aspect. It’s where he grew up, it’s his family, his friends – it’s his way of life and yes he doesn’t agree with all of it, but “do you agree with everything about America, about your faith? It’s not something you can easily turn away from. Call me a hypocrite, or just selfish and opportunistic, but I really like this multiple wives thing and I – it made me something of a hero amongst the really hard core church leaders. Admit it, you wouldn’t mind having multiple wives.”
“It would have it’s pros and cons,” I said diplomatically.

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