Monday, March 1, 2004

Editor’s Note:

The following pages contain excerpts retrieved from a diskette left, we can only assume, by Billy Shakes for his wife Soo Moon. The diskette was zipped into Ms. Moon’s orthopedic pillow. Unfortunately, its existence was not immediately discovered. For reasons unknown to us, the diskette was wrapped in soft cloth, inserted into the pillow between two layers of materials torn apart and resealed with a thin strip of folded duct tape. This Four Way Comfort Pillo-Pedic pillow was then zipped into its thin outer covering before being covered yet again by a pillow case. It is understandable then that Ms. Moon did not discover the diskette until the day, nearly three weeks after Mr. Shakes’ disappearance when she decided to put the pillow through the washing machine.
Those three weeks were highly disturbing and an extremely emotional time for Ms. Moon. Local and federal police were in and out of her home. The investigation was complicated and no doubt escalated to its fevered pitch, due to the discovery of a “bomb-like device” in the back seat of Mr. Shakes’ car, which, as was noted earlier, was left “abandoned” on the Seattle-Las Piedras Island Ferry.
It was the presence of this “device” that authorities used as justification for the confiscation of all the computers in the Moon-Shakes household, including little Nathan’s Mac. The device was never shown to Ms. Moon, and the computers have yet to be returned. These facts and a general feeling of mistrust for those in charge of the investigation led Ms. Moon to take the water damaged diskette not to the authorities, but to a friend of a friend in the Bay Area who had experience retrieving information from damaged computers.
It should be pointed out that her decision to publish these materials is solely inspired by a desire to find her missing husband. She makes no claims of belief or disbelief for anything recorded on that diskette. Neither does she make any allegations of any kind against any members of the law enforcement community. She has consulted her attorneys and we as the publishers have consulted ours, and believe we are fully within our rights to publish these materials in this way. If and when she is asked to hand over the diskette from which the following pages were extracted she will gladly do so.
If anything that follows triggers a memory or sounds in any way familiar please contact the proper authorities and send an email to Ms. Moon’s attorneys ( Residents of Western Washington, specifically those in and around the Kitsap and Olympic peninsulas are encouraged to read these pages and reflect deeply on the events of August 2003 to January 2004 to determine if there is any possibility that what is written here might contain some truth and therefore any clue as to the present whereabouts of Mr. Shakes.