Sunday, September 11, 2005

10/9/6 PM
I wrote some this weekend, or did I? I wrote this morning I know in the big black book. I’m drying up. In more ways than one, he says with a hacking cough – need water, must have (gasp) water – or beer. No stop on the way to the ferry and now I’m in the reading room. I’ll have one when the kids are in bed.
No drinking and no writing, well not the torrential flow (of both). I had three cigarettes today after none this weekend, since Friday at 5:20 pm. I ran 8 miles on Sunday, roughly 40 hours after 10 cigarettes. So, Tuesday 4+ miles after 3 should be easy. A speed run at the gym. Weights tonight.
The Reformation book has just started in again on Calvin. Started in again on Calvin, where to begin again, on Calvin. Too dull. I’m too dull. Tired, really. I was starting to read now and got that exhausted, defeated, I’m about to cry feeling. Not sure how I’m going to pull off the marketing plan stuff.
I need out of here. It’s beautiful outside.

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