Sunday, September 11, 2005

10/2/6 AM
Reading a history of the Reformation. Why not have the World Trade Center guy promote the idea of reformation versus Revolution. The big draw is the termination of taxes. The democratic ideals are like Catholic dogma, the declaration of independence, the Constitution, these are the sacred texts that now get parsed and debated until the reason for their existence has been forgotten. It was liberty from religious homogeneity, it was liberty from a distant imperialist using locally earned funds to fund foreign wars. There is no need to revolt, we need to reform, and the way to reform, says WTC guy, is to stop paying taxes, remove the symbols, make a new flag. The stars and stripes should not be a crucifix we bow down before. It has become a tainted symbol, anyway, but let’s make new flags, let’s reform, grow, change, the founding fathers lived in a different era. Why let their words rule our modern world. Sure, there are elements worth keeping (that habeus corpus was a good idea), that’s why we call this a reformation, and, anyway, do you think the Constitution just appeared whole cloth from the heads of the colonists. Hell, no, it took from English law. All this talk of revolution is so much rubbish, rabble-rousing marketing. The world has been hijacked by Madison Ave., Chevrolet and fillintheblank, a meaningless jingle.
Show me real reform – forget a faux revolution.
So, where WTC guy?
Jake comes to Korea and sends Billy to Tokyo.
The disturbances in California and Washington prompt the withdrawal from Korea, US troops are needed at home. National Guard is either gone in Iraq or outright rebellious.
When Jake comes over he explains all this to Billy.
Oaths, loyalty, alliances, like the Swiss cantons. They need their own sovereignty, the ability to tax locally and administer local justice, but they don’t have to do so at the behest of a distant, corrupt government. There is a universal law. People can worship and live as they see fit as long as they obey this universal law. The land is the uniting factor. People can believe whatever they want, but they must respect the land.

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